Today’s lecture was about considering personas and scenarios as design tools of a business. My tutor has also stressed about the importance of identifying the persona of your firm to improve efficiency and quality, corporate cohesiveness, focus and decision making at every level.

Pragmatic Marketing, for example, creates personas, or example users, as tools to represent the needs, desires, skills and environment of one or more classes of real users. The terminology they use is as follows:

  • Primary personais the primary user of the particular interface or entire product.
  • Secondary persona is another use of the primary interface, one for whom they will make accommodations so long as the primary person’s experience is not compromised.
  • Negative persona is the user for whom we explicitly will not add product features or capabilities because to do so will pull their product in a direction we do not want.
  • Buyer persona is the buyer (either an extension of an existing persona or a non-user) whose biases and needs must be addressed int he product and/or the marketing material.

These personas enabled us to make appropriate decisions when building and marketing our products.

In this video, Donna Tellam, Director of Users Experience for Global 360, explains why using a user-centric, persona-based approach to business process design costs less ans is more successful than other approaches.

(Global360 Persona BPM 2011)

Here is a sample persona from Interaction Design:

User: Fred Fish, Director of Food Services

Picture of one typical user for usage scenario

Background  Fred is Director of Food Services for Boise Controls, a mid-sized manufacturer of electronic devices used in home security systems. He uses a computer, but he’s a chef by trade and not so computer-savvy. A computer is just another tool for getting his administrative tasks done.

Key goals  As a manager, Fred doesn’t get his hands (literally) dirty the way he used to. He stops in at all the Boise Controls sites and sticks his fingers into things once in awhile to stay in touch with cooks and cooking.

A Usage Scenario: Fred Fish a Persona (Interaction Design 2011)


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