During class we have shared about what our business name, ethos, logo and what we envision our business to achieve. We discussed that we want our business to help people have a voice in their ways of living. That the people themselves will be their very own enhancers and shapers of the world. We were thinking of wanting our business name to mean somewhere along the lines of ‘unite’. We couldn’t come up with our ethos then but we wanted it to sound somewhere along the lines of shaping the world and giving people voices. Our logo was some sort of cut of a diamond with an overlay of the world.

When we had a group meeting, it was brought to our attention that the logo is implying a “Structured” world based on how sharp and precise the cuts on the diamond. It’s as if our business will cause a communist approach in the end and things will have to be done in certain ways. We drew up a table and decided to go back to the beginning: What is our name? Our ethos and our logo?

My group members brainstorming ideas

We found a better word for ‘unite’ that has a potential of being a household name by 2030, which is ‘Intertwine”. Our Ethos was a bit of challenge. We liked “shaping tomorrow’s world”, however, it’s already taken by an organisation:

We discussed that our ethos doesn’t have to be a phrase it could consist of 3 individual and simple words each followed by periods to inform strong and complex meanings. We brainstormed words linking to our business and we came up with “Discover. Connect. Shape.”  Next, the logo. When we think of ‘intertwine’ in our heads we image threads or ropes interlocking or twisted together. An interlocking element is crucial for our logo as this will represent people working together to be shaped into something interesting. We also looked at Celtic patterns such as:

Source: Halzer Gyorgyi: A keltak muveszete, Komaromy Publishing, 2006 Budapest
Found on

We agreed to a Celtic pattern for our logo but a much simpler version.

So, this is how we came up of our initial ideas for our awesome firm!



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