Scenario Planning

Today, Lecturer Ilka Staudinger talked about how to plan our scenarios for our innovative business. I have learnt that creating four scenarios of the extremes help me understand what the consumer is really asking for, what they want designers to produce and what they need to make their life easier and world a better place.

Ilka Staudinger had suggested to watch great companies’ scenario videos of what they think the world is going to look like in the future. I have researched a couple of videos which I found interesting from the organisation IDEO.

This video has a very futuristic approach of the future. This type of future relies mainly on technology to live an efficient life.

This video is more realistic than the previous one. It deals with the waste as the future’s driver of change.

Reference: IDEO 2009, The Commute and No Trash NYC 2030, short film, viewed 27 June 2012, <>



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