Guy Kawasaki presents ‘The Art of the Start’ for Informatics Ventures

Today’s Tutorial was mostly all about getting our heads around the idea of “changing the world”; making the world a better place; providing unique innovative products for users who needs it.

I believe Guy Kawasaki has successfully communicated the vital key points when starting a new innovative venture. His key points were very simple and concise yet very knowledgeable. His talk helped me understand what Business Innovation is about and what I should expect myself to be engaged in the next 3 weeks.

I have come to understand the initial steps that I would need to consider once I’ve got THE idea I want to expand. Since I am just learning fresh about business innovations I would say that I strongly agree with the key points Kawasaki had proposed in the video. What had struck me the most was when he said that perspective companies use the idea of “jumping the curves” if you want to make a radical change in the world. He used the example of Ice harvesting when it was still on its peak until the refrigerators made it obsolete. It was because of the inventors of ice harvesters were stuck with what their familiar and comfortable of doing and did not know how to move forward. Therefore, none of theses harvesters were the creators of the refrigerators. It is not about what you are good at doing neither is it about what you can only afford to spend your time and money on, it is about analysing what the users around you need the most right now to make their lifestyle a lot simpler and easier. It’s about listening to them. That’s where you’re going to get the niche rolling in along with their money and it will be a good start for a potential success.

Buy understanding his key points, this will guide me through what i need to start thinking and consider for the assignments ahead.

Reference: EdinburghUniversity 2009, Guy Kawasaki presents ‘The Art of the Start’ for Informatics Ventures, video recording, viewed on 26 June 2012 <;



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